TDC May News

What a busy month April was!  We launched the TDC Forum, Website and rebranded the former POTS And Dysautonomia Awareness facebook group as the Official TDC facebook group.  The staff has been hard at work on making improvements and I can assure you all that this is only the beginning!

I spent the last few days rewriting the CSS code for the .org site here and I’m very happy to be able to have it up and running in place of the former layout which was beautiful but was a carryover from our blog site.  The discussion forum will likely be sporting a new look at the beginning of June but we will still have the current one available for users along with the original themes we offered.  We have plenty of room on our Linux hosting for the forum!

Our discussion forum is nearing 200 members and the facebook group is going to top 1,500 members within the next few days.  It’s such an exciting time and I never imagined that we would see the growth and support in the Dysautonomia community that has occurred over the last three years.  I am so proud of everyone and would like to thank all of our former and current Administrators, Moderators and Officers for everything they have done to contribute to our goals.

What are those goals?  Well, I dropped a hint in the April 26th edition of “The Manly Potsies” on YouTube.  I think it’s pretty obvious to see what we are working toward with all of the expanding we have done in the last month.  We had the “5 Awesome Potsies” channel and added “The Manly Potsies”.  We had a large facebook group and added a website and a full discussion forum.  We combined the most passionate and caring groups of Dysautonomia advocates on the internet to form “The Dysautonomia Connection” to further our message of awareness, support and hope.

Where do you think we are going?  I’ll tell you some truths.  We are going to the top.  We are standing at a point.  We are unified with purpose.  We are connected.  We have become the present and are the future of the movement.  The world will hear our voices.  They will know we exist.  They will know of our struggles and our triumphs.  We will not be forgotten.  The path we are on paves the way so others can find their way.  We have Dysautonomia and we can succeed through the harshest of challenges.

Words on a screen?  No.  Read the previous paragraph out loud.  Believe in those statements.  Believe in our efforts.  Believe in the future that we envision for Dysautonomia patients.  Believe in yourselves.

Have a great month and I’ll catch you in about 30!
-Dave, Co-Admin.