TDC January 2011 News- Cranking Things Back Up

1/6/11- Welcome to the January News!
Things have been fairly quiet on the administrative front over the holiday season.  There have still been daily responsibilities but the workload for me with TDC went down from 25-30 hours a week to around 5 hours a week.  I’ll be honest and admit that I needed the “vacation”.
During January I’ll be updating the Meet Others Program contact list with over twenty new participants and will make requested changes for those who have moved.  Members signed up for the program can expect the updated contact list to be emailed to them on or around January 14th.
There are a few ideas being floated around right now about a new series of videos for YouTube that would be very useful and informative for new Dysautonomia patients to learn about the many aspects of living with and managing their condition as they adjust to their “new life”.  It’s going to be a very powerful series and you can expect the first episodes to begin in early February.
I’ll close things out telling you that if you have yet to check out the forum on our website then you are more than welcome to create an account and join in the discussions!  The new 2011 site/forum templates, styles, logos, etc. have been up for a few weeks now and they are really neat.  The old logo is still an official logo for TDC so those who bought shirts, sweatshirts, etc. in 2010 aren’t behind the times as that style is still available in addition to the new one!  Next update in about 30.
Have a safe and warm month!
-Dave, Admin.