Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

General Information

Multiple System Atrophy by Horacio Kaufmann:

Multiple System Atrophy by Joseph Jankovic, M.D.:

About Health TV with Jeanne Blake and Dr. Freeman:

Multiple System Atrophy by Andre Diedrich and David Robertson:

Multiple System Atrophy by Laurie Swan and Jerome Dupont:

Multiple System Atrophy by WE MOVE:

Primary Autonomic Failure: Three Clinical Presentations of One Disease? by Horacio Kaufmann:

MSA Pamphlet by The Parkinsonism Society of New Zeeland:$file/msa+pamphlet

Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Multiple System Atrophy in Singapore by RDG Jamora, A Gupta, AKY Tan & LCS Tan:

Causes and mechanisms

Brain Degeneration Linked to Fatal Attractions of Proteins in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders by John Q. Trojanowski and Virginia M.-Y. Lee:

Absence of A-synuclein MRNA Expression in Normal and Multiple System Atrophy Oligodendroglia by D. W. Miller, J. M. Johnson, S. M. Solano, Z. R. Hollingsworth, D. G. Standaert, A. B. Young:

Visual Event-Related Potential Changes in Two Sub-Types of Multiple System Atrophy: MSA-C and MSA-P by T. Kamitani, Y. Kuroiwa, L. Wang, M. Li, Y. Suzuki, T. Takahashi, T. Ikegami, S. Matsubara:

Voxel-based Analysis of Multiple System Atrophy of Cerebellar Type: Complementary Results by Combining Voxel Based Morphometry and Voxel-based Relaxometry by Karsten Specht, Martina Minnerop, Jonas Muller-Hubenthal and Thomas Glockgether:

Hypotension and/or hypertension

Idiopathic Orthostatic Hypotension and other Autonomic Failure Syndromes by Dianna Quan:

Sympathetically Mediated Hypertension in Autonomic Failure by John R. Shannon, Jens Jordan, Andre Diedrich, Bojan Pohar, Bonnie K. Black,
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Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s Phenomenon after Sympathetic Denervation in Patients with Primary Autonomic Failure: Questionnaire Survey by Rajeev Mallipeddi and Christopher J Mathias:

Support Groups

SDS/MSA Support Group (A great resource for information and support):


REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder Differentiates Pure Autonomic Failure from Multiple System Atrophy with Autonomic Failure by Giuseppe Plazzi,Pietro Cortelli,Pasquale Montagna,Alessandro De Monte,Raffaella Corsini,Manuela Contin,Federica Provini,Giulia Pierangeli,Elio Lugaresi:

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple System Atrophy: An Update by Gregor Wenning and Felix Geser:

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